As an old saying goes, a new year comes along with many changes and opportunities. Thus, we have recently had the yearly open call for new board members and auditors and as usual, we have had a hard time parting with the former faithful board. Yet, we were simultaneously in complete awe welcoming the new promising group of people who are already working tirelessly towards their aspiring goals!

Last year we were fortunate to have a few of our longstanding members continue their work on the board. In their strive for improvement, they showed that they were always willing to pour their hearts into many amazing projects. During this term, there were also new members whose creative endeavors allowed us, as a team, to evolve into even more inventive individuals. In other words, 2020 was impeccably coordinated due to their hard work, open-mindedness, team spirit, and dedication. Nevertheless, we have reached the inevitable end of the year and with it, we are more than excited to introduce to you the next ESN Uni Wien board and auditors for the mandate 2021/2022:


President: Maximilian Hofleitner


Vice-President: Safir Zöhrer

Treasurer: Anna Linortner

Communications Manager: Becki Kalousek

Events Manager: Kathrin Sieder

Auditors: Beatrice Fleischer and Büsra Ünlü


As of late, the new board is coming closer to the end of the transition period, which will eventually allow them to fully take over their positions. Until then we would like to express our sincere thankfulness and appreciation to the former board who has been most hard-working and motivated throughout their mandate. We would not have come this far without your dedication and involvement!

We would further like to wish our new board members good luck in their new mandate and hope for a great shoulder-to-shoulder work!