The ESNcard gives you thousands of discounts (housing, flights, museums, sport, food, bars, etc.) not only here in Vienna, but also all over Europe in different facilities for 12 months after purchase! It costs only 15€ and with it you'll get a Welcome Package for free, which includes an Educom SIM card and more surprises! Believe us, those 15€ are worth every cent - you can save a lot of money with it! (Price on the image below is outdated)




What international discounts do I get?


Where can I get the ESNcard?

  • As soon as you have arrived in Vienna you can purchase your ESNcard at our ESN office in the International Office of the Universität Wien, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien!
  • During our office hours where you will be able to pick up your ESNcard and your Welcome Package.
  • Unfortunately we are currently not able to sell the ESNcard online or prior to your arrival in Vienna!


What do I need to bring to get the ESNcard?

  • Photo (passport size) - If you don't have one, you can stick it on later, but be aware that your ESNcard is only valid with your photo on it!
  • 15€!


Can I get the ESNcard?

You can get the ESNcard at our ESN office if you are:

  • An international exchange student/intern
  • An ESN member of an ESNsection in our network
  • A buddy in our buddyprogramme

For further details and more discounts have a look at