What an honor! This year for the first time in two years, the international representatives of the ESN Network were struck by the immeasurable amount of hard work our local team from the ESN Uni Wien put into managing the program during the pandemic and it did not go unnoticed! Our section was thus announced as the Section in the Spotlight on all the digital platforms of ESN International!

You can find an article written about us on the website of ESN International Network, as well as a Facebook post by them, not to mention the Instagram takeover on their account which took place from 27th until 29th of April.

As part of the Spotlight days, we set up an introductory interview with one of our members about what it means to be part of this section and how we operate, as well as talked about struggling and sweet times that the members of our team experienced. If you'd like to have a sneak peek into the internal work of ESN Uni Wien you can find this interview by clicking the video at the bottom of the page. Give it a watch and let us know if you have any questions! :)

This gratifying recognition could not have happened had it not been for the great cooperation within our team, hard work, and great ideas we foster together!

We are grateful for this opportunity and we would like to ask the members of the international community to not miss the occasion to ever come by our office in Vienna to say 'Hi!' and let us offer you a tour of our city that will leave you longing for a return ever after!