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Hello it’s me,

Are you always annoying your flatmates with your singing in the shower too? Do you just wanna scream and shout and let it all out?



Then you are at the right place! Tonight we’re gonna have ourselves a real good time! Gimme gimme gimme a mic after midnight because party rock is in da house tonight. Near, far, wherever you are, we are all in this together. Let’s take the midnight train going anywhere. Well, to Lemmon Bar. Where heaven is a place on earth and nothing else matters. Isn’t it ironic? So I’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want, which is for you to join us. If you had a bad day, don’t let us down, sing a fun song just to turn it around. Whenever, wherever, we’re meant to sing together. This is the rhythm of the night. The party don’t start till we walk in. But if you’re too shy to sing outside the shower, don’t worry be happy.The show must go on so you can still join, clap along and listen.

We know. It’s too late to apologize for all the song references. But the first 3 of you who can tell us which songs and how many we referenced here will get a surprise from us. 


See you soon!



* Lemmon Bar



* On Thursday, the 28th of October, from 8pm to 11pm.  



* It’s free! Drinks not included.



* Your singing voice!  

* a proof of vaccination, PCR test or recovery of Covid (2,5G rule)



* Just click on this link, fill out the form and you are ready to go!


In case the event is already fully booked, register here for our waiting list:




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By attending the following event you agree to follow the instructions of the ESN Team at the location regarding the COVID-19 Safety Measures and to adhere to the rules that they set out.


By attending this event, you ensure that you are either vaccinated or recovered of COVID-19 (2G-Rule). You are required to notify the ESN Uni Wien Team immediately, in case you are tested positive for COVID-19 after attending said event.

28/10/2021 - 20:00