To get to know ESN better, we invite you to our ESN presentation where we will introduce ourselves, the program for the upcoming semester, and then you can buy our ESNcards, which will save you a lot of money during the semester.

The presentation will start at 3 pm in Hörsaal 16 (lecture room nr. 16), right after the presentation of the International Office at 2 pm also in Hörsaal 16.

After the presentation, you have the chance to get an ESN Welcome Package and buy your ESNcard!

And after buying your ESNcard you can take a stroll around the University with our guided University tour that will show you the most important places for your upcoming semester!
By attending this event, you agree to the publication of photos and videos taken during the event

02/10/2017 - 15:00 to 16:00
ESN Uni Wien
Universitätsring 1
1010 Vienna