POSTPONED to January due to not enough participants!!

Hey you,

so you are enjoying your time in Vienna but you want to spend more time being creative?


Then our creative tea breaks are perfect for you! :)

Regular creative breaks energise and make you happy, boost productivity because you’re working different parts of the brain, and allow you to express who you are, what you’re about, and what’s important to you. When life is
busy, we don’t always prioritise these kinds of activities, but they are undeniably good for us—so treat yourself to a weekly creative reward!

What is it?
Creative Tea Breaks facilitates writing workshops and is run by Alice Shepherd Erlac.
More info on the website Creative Tea Breaks Writing Workshops | Scallywag Words | Maribor, Slovenia and on her Instagram @creative_tea_breaks.

What we will do:
 - We read poems and prose to kick off creativity.
 - I guide your group through different writing activities in English.
 -  Every session brings new themes.
 - We play with writing styles, metaphors, and imagery, create a range of narrative voices, and discover which words make our brains tingle with joy!

It will be the same 10 people participating in all sessions so you will get comfortable with each other and create a group full of like-minded people :) 

Who does the workshops?
Alice Shepherd Erlac is a Brit, qualified educator, a graduate of Literature and Creative Writing, and co-organiser of east London creative writing events.

Who’s it for?
Tea Breaks are open to all and are a safe and inclusive space. You don’t need to have a background in creative writing or be studying anything related to it. All humans with a wish to be creative in English are welcome!

Where and when’s it happening?
Writing sessions will happen for four weeks and take place online from 18:30-20:00 every Wednesday, starting on 23.11 and running up to 14.12. If you can’t join one week, the door’s still open to you the next. The link for the sessions will be sent to you via email. 

What does it cost? 16€ with ESN Card, 19€ without ESN card -> you pay once for all sessions

What do I do next?
 - Sign up with the Erasmus team under this link Creative writing with ESN (
 - Get your pen or screen ready for writing!

Can’t wait to write together!

23/11/2022 - 18:30