Hey you,
do you want to party for a good cause? 🎉
Erasmus - your time abroad should be fun and exciting! You make new friends from all over the world, experience a different culture and language and have fun at our various events. However, sad things happen in the world and you sure heard about the devastating earthquake on the 6th of February in Turkey and Syria. 😢
We want to help together with all of you under the motto: Three from the heart ❤️❤️❤️
As a huge student network we believe it is time to support each other and show solidarity towards disaster victims. ESN Uni Wien will round up the amount and we will inform you how much we will transfer. 🫶
Please register via the registration link and pay 3 €, it's not much but together we can make a difference! We will meet in Look Bar at 8.30 pm, just go upstairs and you will find us at the right.
If you want to drink, you will get a free shot in exchange for your donation! They will be distributed at 9 pm. 
Afterwards we can go together to the Heartbreak Hotel Party at the U4 Club. We will distribute vouchers for that in the Bar! 🥳

We will donate half of the money to Turkey 🇹🇷
This is an official suggestion from ESN Turkey, they sent an IBAN of a reliable donation platform called "Ahbap": Ahbap Derneği
EURO: TR15 0006 4000 0021 0212 1502 77
The other half we will donate to Syria 🇸🇾
Here is the link you can find all information and where we will directly donate at the website:
See you soon!

* The Look Bar, Salzgries 17, 1010 Vienna
* On Wednesday, the 15th of March, 8.30 pm
* please register and pay 3€, we will donate the money to Turkey and Syria
* cash for drinks
* Just click on this link, get your ticket and you are ready to go!
* Noise level: high
* Crowds: more than 25 people
* Accessibility: not easily accessible/ alternative routes available
* Alcohol: alcohol is served but alcohol-free options are available
Please only buy a ticket if you really want to attend. If you can’t attend anymore, cancel your spot so that other people on the waiting list can join the event.
By attending this event, you agree to the publication of photos and videos taken during the event.
By registering for this event you agree to conduct yourself in an appropriate, respectful manner towards the other participants. 
By attending the following event you agree to follow the instructions of the ESN Team at the location regarding the COVID-19 Safety Measures and to adhere to the rules that they set out.
15/03/2023 - 20:30