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Take this unique opportunity to make new friends in a completely new way and experience what it is like to get to know someone without having one of your senses – sight.

ExchangeAbility is a project by ESN International whose aim is to increase the participation of students with disabilities in mobility programmes and make ESN an accessible organisation.

To raise awareness of this cause we have organised, as part of our Social Inclusion Days, a “Blind Speedfriending”.

Speedfriending is a great way to get to know many new people and make new friends (it works like speeddating, you get the chance to talk to someone for a few minutes and then move on to the next person and so on). This time though we are going to do it with one of our most powerful senses taken away. You will talk and interact with your fellow Erasmus students while being blindfolded, so you will know what it is like to rely on your other senses in social situations.

We will meet on Thursday, December 7th at 07:00 pm at NachBar (Laudongasse 8, 1080 Wien)